CD Review

Flatline Transmissions – Demo

By Marcus Pan

Flatline TransmissionsThe_Gun, from the well know The RaZor Skyline, is fronting his own thing now. He's stepped out with bandmate Onyx (drums), Trajik (guitar) and newcomer Zo (keys) to form the blistering electro-industrial Flatline Transmissions. All indications from their April 2005 demo, produced by Mike Pistel (Consolidated, Meat Beat Manifesto), show that the_Gun can certainly provide for dancefloors and industrialites worldwide.

Their six song release is definitely one of the top examples of industrial and electro sound. Catchy, infective and groovy to the core, Flatline Transmissions can easily be on top of their genre given just a little bit of time and airplay. Solid and tight, the music here falls easily into the genre and doesn't do too much to push anything out of the oridinary or unexpected, but it does up the bar on quality and fitness for the style.

After the electronic based The Blackest Heart and Faster Than Light, She Said brings the guitars in with excellent playing by The_Gun. A goth-rock groove is laced into the demo at this point with well done harmonies between Zo and the_Gun. The_Gun's playing is near flawless, almost all of She Said being one riveting guitar solo. Airstrike Salvation keeps the heavier guitar going, but adds a catchy light key melody and the_Gun moving to a near-rap style of delivering his lyrics. Sea of Change meanwhile gets a bit computeresque to close the demo fluidly while occasionally keeping the heavier guitar influence that started on She Said.

Flatline Transmissions is a group to watch out for. Look for them soon I hope. I'd be very pleased to see the four put out a full length release soon...and be sure to include all tracks off of this demo as well.

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Flatline Transmissions
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