By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanKicking into this just a tad overdue, but I’m hoping to crank it out quickly and get right back on track. Working a new day job now, so I might be able to pop out the backup of tear sheets I have here, and get some prints of Legends #151 that are due as well.

We open up a new series of reviews this month as we delve into DVDs. Dark Sky Films has graced us with a few of their releases and I’m going to yack about it this issue. Also we have more DVDs to talk about in future months so it looks like the DVD review thing has moved into high octane before we’ve even printed our first.

A lot of great books coming in, thanks to Harper Collins, as well. Look for our upcoming Off the Shelf review of Neil Gaiman’s new Anansi Boys in addition to this month’s coverage of the Mirror Mask book—which we have running in print just as the movie hits! We’re like getting’ all pro ‘n shit!

Also this month we kick some fiction your way with Jeff Franzmann’s The Chancellor also featuring a return of our illustrator Zubrovka.

Enjoy kiddies and see you on the back page...

Marcus Pan
October 2, 2005