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Stromkern – “Stand Up”

By Marcus Pan

Stand UpA remix album with multiple versions of the song Stand Up from Stromkern's Light It Up album, there's six tracks here of really catchy and moving EBM. The radio edit mixes up bright synth melodies with fast paced rhythms and percussion. Vocals are swiftly spoken – so swiftly in fact that most hip hop artists couldn't touch the vocal speed of Stromkern's work.

The second track, the extended version of the Stand Up track, is pretty much the same as the radio edit, but obviously extends the mix for longer dance floor use. Track three includes the single Can't Believe, a near drum 'n bass down low track with a shuffle-step snare rhythm.

The next version of Stand Up, the Iris Remix, gets very funky and computeresque. It's so radically different from the radio and extended versions of Stand Up that at first you won't realize it's a mix of this song – very well done. The Stand Up maxi single almost trances to a close with the Reiter Der Nacht Remix of Night Riders. Or so you think – the closing of this fifth track is anything but slow; it's almost kooky and cranked up to a cranial shaking speed.

I like this CD. The only problem I have with it really is questioning whether or not this release was necessary. There's really only 3 songs here – the radio and extended mixes are the same, the inclusion of Can't Believe is a nice surprise and the Iris Remix is quite good. But this small smattering as a full release might be a bit much. DJs should pick this up however, as I'm sure it's geared toward them anyway.

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