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The Young Werewolves - “The Young Werewolves”

By Marcus Pan

The Young WerewolvesFun and straight, The Young Werewolves' brand of gothabilly is about as simple as it gets. If you're looking for deep instrospective soundscapes, go away. From Zombie Car Chase to Werewolf Fever, the TYW crew trio deliver home brewed garage surf at its best and hang out in the same realm where you'll find Cult of the Psychic Fetus(1), This Years Blonde(2) or Zombina and the Skeletones(3).

Recorded over a single were-weekend with producer Andy Kravitz (Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Urge Overkill), the self titled LP comes to me from my own home state of New Jersey. With Jonny Wolf on drums, Shewolf Dana K. on bass and Wolfmann Nick Falcon on Guitar, the trio don't go all out for that hammered smooth or polished sheen. Instead they just infuse their music with nightly fun and madness. Splatter punk baybee...a perfect soundtrack for Shawn of the Dead.

The dirty opening low-budget strains of garage surf Evil Soul croons its standard anthem to the masses - "I wanna rock and roll..." Lyrics are simplistic but effective, bubble gum rock with an entrail flavor. A muscle car (57' Chevy) driving zombie joines us in Zombie Car Chase as the highway opens up for its nightly drag races. Black Cat gets old school funky and about as psychobilly as any. An ode to Elvis on The Night the Phantom Went to Graceland.

Ballad Graveyard of Love opens sweet and dark before rolling into a straight 4/4 macabre love song. Guitar solos by Nick Falcon bring back memories of my mom's do wop record collection when I was a kid throughout the album. Curse of the Cocaine Mummies has as good a plot as most any splatterpunk film that will combine drugs, rock 'n roll, mummies and a good dose of skating and surfing. The album closes with a hidden gem...a gothabilly version of Billy Idol's White Wedding – which I love.

If you're looking for something that pushes the bar of newness then you're going to have to keep looking. But if you want a little bit of fun, a taste of Halloween early, then The Young Werewolves will deliver this well. There seems to be a rise of the psychobilly these days what-with Zombina pissing about the UK, Cult of the Psychic Fetus still cranking about the states, and now The Young Werewolves are just as good as any of the others that have clawed their way out of their plots in the dark cemeteries at night.

Contact Information:
The Young Werewolves
Post: 1 Woodview Dr., Mount Laurel, NJ, 08054, USA
Phone: (609) 220-2238
(1) Legends interviewed Reverend Doom in Legends #109.
(2) Reviewed in Legends #148.
(3) Reviewed in Legends #149.

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