CD Review

Zombina and the Skeletones – “Mondo Zombina!”

By Marcus Pan

Mondo Zombina!First she was a secret agent turned human bomb in cahoots with the F.B.I.(1), now Zombina is going full splatterpunk fun complete with leatherface style dress and gore galore. Why this interesting group out of Liverpool insist on releasing things in small doses – two quick successive EPs – rather than a full length somewhere is unknown, but the music differences between I Was a Human Bomb for the F.B.I. and Mondo Zombina! are definitely a possible factor.

The punk stompers fuse other worldly influences into their gothabilly mix this time around. Zombie Hop takes a silly tone with cheezy keyboards and a jazzy horn section. It's a very catchy gothabilly tune that makes you want to bounce about. Plinking toy piano open The New Orleans Incident, coming in goofy with funky bass and a swing style.

Spring Heeled Jack is a silly story about Zombina's roots. A bluesy saxophone takes us into the urban legend of Zombina's papa. Counting On Your Suicide is my favorite from the EP with a ska-like tone and upbeat style. Strangely enough as upbeat as the tune is, it certainly covers hatred to a "T" as Zombina waits on someone else to off himself. The silly full chorus sections just add to the goof.

The final track is an old 40s radio trailer to the upcoming 7" vinyl of Mondo Zombina! And that closes this episode of short and fun. Another burst of fun noise from Liverpool with Zombina's latest. Mondo Zombina! Is a fun romp and I like it a lot. I do, however think it’s about time for the crew to bang out a full length. Enough with the little teases, sweetie!

Contact Information:
Zombina and the Skeletones
Post: 33 Woodlands Rd., Aighurth, Liverpool, L17 OAJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (07790) -592-945
(1) Zombina’s I Was a Human Bomb for the F.B.I. was reviewed in Legends #149.