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The Barbarellatones - “Beyond the Valley of the Barbarellatones”

By Marcus Pan

Beyond the Valley of the BarbarellatonesI've been getting a lot of gothabilly and older school basement goth these days. Zombina and the Skeletones(1), Dead New Year(2), The Young Werewolves(3) – the genre just keeps cropping up. This time around we're dealing with the dirtiest and nastiest of the lot. The Barbareallatones make Zombina look like a Lady in Waiting and Dead New Year like gentleman in tophats.

Right from the get-go with Hellhound...about Jethro the Gothabilly Mutt. Discussion of his bitch chasing, ass sniffing, sex-crazed life is just beyond even Zombina's Spring Heeled Jack. Mixing up one part country, one part horror cliche and the dirty south’s uninhibited nature, Beyond the Valley of the Barbarellatones is blasphemy at its nastiest.

Simple in lyrics, boring but groovy in music make-up, The Barbarellatones go for the shock therapy style of wowing the crowd. Gothabilly Gulch is laid back and cliche, but done with a cheeky style that makes it fun and interesting. The Fire of Love remains simple and cheeky and about as intellectually endowed as a zombie chowing down on a retard's grey matter.

Suffice to say that The Barbarellatones aren't around to give you pause to think. They simply expect you to get drunk, fuck something and do it while listening to such simple diddys as Baby Wants a Corndog and Love is a Roadapple. I Killed Love attempts a sickly sweetness with its ballad based piano. Candy Store does the same – well, in a Warrant's Cherry Pie sort of way really, sexual explicitness held in check only by a broodingness.

Overall, I thought The Barabarellatones was cute and cheeky. Simplistic, but good for stupors, it does a good job of portraying gothabilly at its dirtiest. Don't play Through the Valley of the Barbarellatones while mommy's around, kiddies.

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(3) Their interview was featured in Legends #151.

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