CD Review

Fear of Dolls - “Lullabies for Aborted Children”

By Marcus Pan

FlowbyImmediately disturbing and spooky right from the outset, Lullabies for Aborted Children is absurdly offensive and botulistically infectious. Can you Hear the Sickness? is the outrageously effecting opener, leading the listener into as deep a pit of despair, loneliness and doom as can be imagined aurally. Frontman Greg Forschler (Faith & Disease) hasn't even remotely stepped out of the dark pit where his muse lives for so much as a moment here, and indeed takes us even deeper than Fear of Dolls' previous, She Dances Happily to Happy Songs(1).

Bonni Suval, Shaun Richards, Thomas Purdy, Joel Bergstrom and M. Violet help Greg create the nightmares of sound that he has spun this session. Which of the two ladies sings on Screaming Inside Her is unknown, but it's the carnival version of a crack baby's darkest nightmare with Latin rhythm and clapping, sultry female vocals from a damaged brain and misplaced sounds and melodies vying for control of your soul.

She Was Laughing really does open like a lullaby, with pretty music box strains and calm guitar. The only thing that doesn't fit is the off-by-a-notch drums. A sudden breath of normalcy somehow misplaced in a package of surreal. Chick vocals are high-pitched and just a tad enough off-kilter to make you wonder...and guitars get strummingly strong and slightly off base. And then she...snaps. It's like She Was Laughing started as something sweet and was raped into submissed by an unknown score of demonic memories and torture.

Some tracks will drag you through the depths across an arid plain of dust and granite while whispering dark nothings in your inner ear: Drop Out. Others will fill you with undirected rage and anger at nothing at all with slamming sound barages and unraveling personalities gibbering in your general direction: The Prettiest Song. And then they'll remake the Stones' Sister Morphine over in their own sinister in between it all. Not for the weak of mind or faint of heart.

It's possible that Lullabies for Aborted Children, stated to be the quintessential Fear of Dolls album, will be the last. The fourth release to date, I would like to think it's being our final trip to be true because these jaunts with Greg have possibly harmed me to the core of my mind. The mixed up sounds, carnal lyrics and dark offensive nature turned into a parody in its own right – I'm not so sure my psyche can take more of his vivid imaginings. Greg's work is, again, beautifully frightening. But this time he's gone so much deeper into the charnel pits of his head that none of us are sure he can get out.

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(1) Reviewed in Legends #149.