CD Review

Gothic – “Grim”

By Marcus Pan

GrimGothic...that's the name of the band that crosses my desk. Lead by James Jason – seemingly all by James Jason – Gothic sends me a two disc collection entitled Grim as well as a multimedia CD that I really don't have a will to look at after listening to Grim.

My first impression of Grim was immediately struck when I put it in and before I hit play. According to my player, there are 75 tracks on CD 1 of Grim. Horribly amateurish at best, track 1, In Wickedness, has about as much rhythmic control as my 16 month old son with his toy drum kit. It's haphazard, all over the place and the synthetic washes that join in just fuck it up even more.

Forlorn doesn't get any better...remaining abysmally childish. Predictable keyboards with badly attempted drum sequencing. Singing could be better, but it's so deep in the terrible mixing that it's hard to make out. It gets really painful and I'm not so sure I can review much more of it. What a cock up we have here...Forlorn is continuing to metamorph into different songs, none of them better, as we move ploddingly along.

Give Up tries a lot harder and gets a little more interesting and slightly better, but still falls into amateurish "look at me press all the funny buttons!" after it, for a little while, was doing a Misercordia kind of thing. It's like James can't help himself from pushing all the doo-dads when he's on a roll. Synthetics begin to slam into one another, trying to find a place to go and finding nothing but more horrible drum loops and patterns.

The first disc of Grim plods along annoyingly in this boorish, amateurish and vaguely hurtful manner. I find myself hoping against hope that disc 2 is, maybe, James Jason ten years later after he got all of his kiddishness out. Disc 1 is, after all, so bad I can't describe it anymore. Unfortunately, disc 2 says there's...90 tracks on it. [sigh] And we have more of the same. I shant go on.

James Jason has a long long way to go. A decent band name, a wisening of his spirit – maybe getting out of puberty because Grim is nothing more than a childish attempt at music with some of the worst sequencing, mixing and it's easily one of the worst things to land here. I'm sorry James, that's the honest truth. Now if James Jason is really a 45 year old playing a joke on me, well then this whole review is wrong. Let's hope...

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