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Hush Collector – "Flowby"

By Marcus Pan

FlowbyI wrestled a few days with the idea of reviewing Hush Collector's debut EP, Flowby, for Legends. Not that it's not worth the time, mind – it's just that it's a bit of blues, a touch of class and a little amount of shoe-gazing melancholy hiding behind a folky mindset in a chilled out background. It's not truly in format for Legends. But as the editor I get to say bugger off to the rules that I've set for myself on occasion and since Hush Collector is the only CD on my desk right now that hasn't been assigned or reviewed, I figured I'd take a stab at it anyway being somewhat proud of myself clearing all the write-ups off my desk (except for those galdurned 10 hours of DVD movies that came in the other day).

I do like melancholy and well-written lyrics. Otherwise you wouldn't have seen such reviews as Chika(1), Mike Comfort(2) and others like them in Legends. The songs are smooth and well laid out and only minimally processed. Recorded live to tape, quite possibly, and not messed around with too much by so called "engineers" who end up giving you something that didn't sound much like the way it started when they're done. It's very honest.

Four tracks on Flowby: Flowby itself, Mountain Song, It Don't Matter and I Go Blind. I Go Blind is probably the most upbeat here with a bluesy rhythm and a 59th Street Bridge Song(3) reminiscence and it closes this EP with a quicker rhythm than the opening Flowby, which has a rhythm that's a folk version of grunge. Mountain Song adds a bit of interesting flair with its unpredictable progressions. It Don't Matter is the first time we hear them using electricity in their guitars.

Slow and chilly, Hush Collector treat their music with respect for what it is and not what it could sound like in a million dollar an hour studio. If you've ever seen any of the Corona commercials on US television lately – the couple on the beach, kicking back, ignoring the cell phone watching the waves – add a few instruments and that's a Hush Collector recording session. Matter of fact, Hush Collector is an excellent name for their sound.

Contact Information:
Hush Collector
Post: 48 Weart St., Brighton, UK, BNZ9UQ, USA
(1) Chika’s Little Ship Head was written up in Legends #85.
(2) Mike’s Free was reviewed in Legends #149.
(3) Simon & Garfunkel you dolt…and you call yourself an American?

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