CD Review

Kilgore Yonaites - “Damaged Lethal Harmonies”

By Marcus Pan

Damaged Lethal HarmoniesDamaged Lethal Harmonies is a very slow moving but smooth brew. The duo of Rondel Kilgore and Heath Yonaites build sound from the surrounding quiet, growing from seemingly nothing. Solenoid Entry is the nearly ten minute opener to this four track CD and slides in almost subconsciously before acoustic guitar takes control and slides easily through a chord progression backed by a subtle floating bass. Quickly it disappears leaving you in the growing quietude once again. Waves of ambience wash over the track. This continues throughout Damaged Lethal Harmonies as each track smoothly slides in to seat itself comfortably next to the previous.

The result is a CD that will go by so cleanly that you’ll hardly notice its there even if it’s breathing comfort into your ears. It becomes so subconscious that it fades into the background where it lives and spins its life in the deepest reaches of your mind. Even if you turn up the volume, Damaged Lethal Harmonies is so brilliantly concocted that it remains behind you regardless of how loud you play it – I’m listening to it on headphones right now and I barely recalled it was there.

You’ll be jolted back into the music with Serotonin Delay which opens with a vocal sample reminding you that Damaged Lethal Harmonies is still around. The following music of this track is still just as light and subtle as the rest and will spend the next five plus minutes stepping away from your world as the CD finishes, occasionally stepping into the light with a short acoustic, rhythmic or melodic serenade just as a continual reminder of its existence.

Damaged Lethal Harmonies is certainly going to be an acquired taste what-with the whole music-noise debate that’s always around. But the subtle nature of Kilgore’s and Yonaites’ work set them apart as masters at creating music that’s just under the radar, where true ambience is supposed to lie quietly as it breathes to you, soothing cares away.

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