CD Review

Retractor – “No Resistance”

By Marcus Pan

No ResistanceYay. More industrial. Look at my excitement as Retractor rolls in with their brainwashed beats, common denominators and expected thump-a-thumps. They mix up the rhythm a bit with Therapy, but I still find myself looking for a little something different. Synth washes and metal-voxed whispers coalesce and mix in a little trance hither and about.

One Man's War does the same, but there's more lyrics here. Washed out so much that they're barely discernible, but lyrics nonetheless (the samples are the only thing understandable). By track 4, Morbid Place, the tunage has run into one another and as I work I almost forget its there. Possessions opens with a bit of promise with a catchy stompy rhythm and head bouncing moves. I'm digging this one for its swiftness and well played tracking.

Resistance picks up nicely and for a few moments I'm starting to think maybe they just hid the best in the center of No Resistance, but as the vocals come in I find myself letting the music fall behind me again as I type. Strange when upbeat industrial can become background ambience, says I. Resistance promptly dies with no rhyme or reason, just fades away. Bad closure to this one.

Retractor are made up of Milton Sanchez, Anthony Stuart and Ellen Enderle. Between the three players here, one wonders why they didn't have three times the chances of most single-fronted industrial outfits to up the bar a bit rather than sound so commonplace. Suddenly I realize I'm on the last third of the album and I wonder where it all got to while I wasn't looking. Quite a feat for stompy beats, really, sneaking around like that.

So off it goes, sneaking away. Every now and then, like For Once, I get a little excited about what's playing. And as Co2 comes in to close up No Resistance, some lady yells at me and calls me a "bloody stinking savage." But usually it just kind of fades away. It's not bad, really, just kind of there. Let's call No Resistance is a middling album from Retractor in the industrial category. Yay.

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