November, 2005



The Singer’s Crown
The Gods of Bal-Sagoth

The Serial Killers
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer


Advent Sleep—”No More You”
Everpresent—”Everpresent” & “Singles & Remixes”
Eerie Von—”Bad Dream No. 13”
John Ludi—”Rise Above or Fall Below”
Dead New Year—”The Hangman’s 8”
Hush Collector—”Flowby”
Fear of Dolls—”Lullabies for Aborted Children”
History of Guns—”Flashes of Light”
The Atlantic Manor—”Sneaking Up on the Death Scene” & “The Trouble That You Left”
Sphere Laza—”Ultimate Abyss”
Conjure One—”Extraordinary Ways”
Nick Grey—”Les Eaux Territoriales”
Ninth House—”The Eye That Refuses to Blink”
Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk—”Vitagen”
[1] Kilo of Black Bondage—”Fear the Windows”
V/A—”Je Suis Un Etranger”
The Barbarellatones—”Beyond the Valley of the Barbarellatones”
Retractor—”No Resistance”
Mystified—”Vagabond, Pirate”
Soundtrack—”Cry_Wolf: Music From and Inspired by the Film”
Kilgore Yonaites—”Damaged Lethal Harmonies”
The Primes—”Action Driver”
Nox Arcana—”Winter’s Knight”
Mana Erg—”The Blind Watchmaker”
Lilac Ambush—”Arsenal”
Zombina and the Skeletones—”Staci Stasis”
Kirsty Hawkshaw—”Meta Message”
Stromkern—”Light it Up”
Nox Arcana—”Transylvania”
Ad Ombra—”Smaragdine”

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