CD Review

Sphere Lazza – “Ultimate Abyss”

By Marcus Pan

Ultimate AbyssCapitalizing on the techno-industrial explosion of the 90’s Sphere Lazza have found homes in such well funded stables as Fifth Column and Cleopatra Records. From 1992 to 1996 they’ve delivered some of the most well known club and dance floor hits from albums Incinerate and The Enemy Within. By the time they finished Paradigm Shift, the four-man group found themselves burning out and disbanded before Paradigm Shift could find a release date(1).

When original duo Tony Spaz and David Trousdale begain tinkering again years later, it was their previous music being featured in a DJ mix entitled What Happened to This Band? that took the proverbial nail out of the coffin that held Sphere Lazza and the group reformed to, in 2005, release a single: Ultimate Abyss. Working now with Acid Victim Records (USA), the group are forging ahead – or is it back? – to their EBM industrial roots.

Ultimate Abyss, the song, is easily one of the best techno tracks to hit my desk out of a pile of same. With smooth vocals, well timed changes, excellent programming and swift rhythms – all that makes techno, industrial and EBM dance floors a thrill to be a part of. The single includes three versions of Ultimate Abyss, the original being the best in my opinion. But stand outs also include the bonus track Distance, with windy stylings and a bit of spit-style vocals that with slight vox touches smooth it into the track like as much of a synthesizer melody as the keys themselves. Distance meanwhile takes on a trance like feel with floaty synthesizer work that coalesces into a nicely done 140 BPM synth pop dirge.

Anyone who has hit a dance floor in the mid ‘90s should have no trouble recognizing Sphere Lazza. And at the behest of an anonymous DJ somewhere in the world, the original duo has come back to let us know what did happen to them – they’ve taken a bit of a break, only to come back as good as they were almost a decade ago.

Contact Information:
Acid Victim Records
Post: 782 S. Grand Hwy., Clermont, FL, 34711, USA
(1) You can download Paradigm Shift at Sphere Laza’s website,