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Cabaret – “Electric Chair Song”

By Marcus Pan

Electric Chair SongWhat a comfy vibe here. The only caveat to the Electric Chair Song release from Cabaret, out via ArtOfFact records, is that there are really only three songs on this disc. Electric Chair takes up four tracks with four separate versions of the song. It’s a groovy song, at least as far as the opening single mix goes, but still I’m not sure I need four versions of it. While I was in the second version already, the Electric End of Nothing Mix, I didn’t realize the first track of the CD had ended. That alone should give you some indication as to how unnecessary four takes on this song are – the first two smooshed together. There is a definite difference between the first two versions of Electric Chair Song and the third however. I dig the third more. It’s wavy.

Dawn Mist Glowing is done twice here on Electric Chair Song. The radio version is nice and smooth and the ambient dream mix, being a good description, is just that. Has a stronger rhythm and more moving beat. ArtOfFact as of late has become a bit trancier in feel compared to previous signed bands and while that could be a good thing I’m hoping upcoming releases will have more than three songs on it. It’s that very reason that has made this quite possibly the shortest CD review I have ever written.

Cabaret is a nice groove, very comfy and well played. Definitely smooth and well arranged. I’d like more, but Electric Chair Song offers a very small sampling. DJs on the other hand should pick this up as they’d tend to use more versions of a single track. But home listeners might not be as interested and might be better off waiting for a full length.

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Post: Box 68039, RPO Osborne Village, Winnipeg, MB, R3L 2V9, Canada
Phone: (905) 707-6283

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