By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanTrying to mix it up this month—bring back some of the literal side of Legends Magazine. So in addition to our usual music reviews, which we really blew out the last few months, we’re debuting a new columnist—Canticle—as well as a new fantasy writer in the likes of Sharon Maria Bidwell. I’ve decided to drop some of my harsher fiction in this month as well. Over the course of the next year, Legends will start to be bringing us more than just music like we have in 2005. We’re going to get heavier into film and books and up the bar on the literal side of things as well. So keep reading...the party and MLM break-up only made us stronger!

The music reviews will remain of course—as a matter of fact the turn-around for those is within a couple months now. So if you keep those coming we’re going to be banging them out as fast as they arrive if all goes well. We’ll see how the new stuff works and if there’s enough to write about we’ll keep bringing it to you every month.

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine
November 27, 2005