CD Review

Pink Turns Blue – Promo

By Marcus Pan

Strange – half of this band looks like Billie Joe Armstrong. Louis Pavlou (drums) and Reini Walter (bass) made me think of this. Also with them is Mic Jogwer (vocals/guitar) and Brigid Anderson (vocals/keys). They create a dark, brooding post-punk old skool goth sound whenever they get together. Two albums so far, Reunion and Phoenix, done in 2004 and 2005 respectively. What I have is not either of those, but a split demo CD with three tracks from each.

Reunion’s Your Master is Calling kicks us off and tumbles almost over the 8 minute length mark. The track gives you a good indication of what to expect from Pink Turns Blue. Well played, ballad style, smooth backgrounds against which are layed rhythm bass, percussion and occasionally-picked guitar strains. Mic’s vocals are reminiscent of what Sisters or Smith were doing with their voices for a while, but its done well and for some reason doesn’t smack of imitation even if the comparison is there. I do have to take issue with the length though – I found Temple of Love to be long and I find Your Master is Calling to be the same. Cut it more than half – well played, but it’s not a meal.

Michelle has an interesting experimental start to it with muted scrapes and pounding beats. Walking on Both Sides follows this and brings the Reunion section of this split CD to a close. Aftermath thoughts on the first three are that Pink Turns Blue make a good sound, but will have a tough competition sitting next to circa-80s works of the same style.

From Phoenix, Now’s the Time opens us up for their later releases. Now’s the Time is cleaner and better produced, but one could wonder if Pink Turns Blue have lost that garage rawness that made them more appealing on the Reunion album (or at least the chunk I have of it). Good Times is also nice and clean with crisp guitar work. The band has certainly grown together and tightened nicely, a definite plus. Good Times also is a bit dirtier than Now is the Time so there’s still edge here.

Pink Turns Blue is a good example of old goth. If you really like that sort of thing and want some more besides what’s been out a while now, it’s a good place to turn. The group doesn’t mess with the moody formula that we know so well, so there’s no surprises here. It’s solid though.

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