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“Storm Season”

By Marcus Pan

Storm SeasonAnother Thieves World[1] book this is, the fourth in the original series. By this point in the series the time investment is becoming worth it. Plots are starting to twist as the stories begin to come together to be separate tales in a singular milieu as opposed to previous episodes in Sanctuary where all the stories seemed equidistant from each other. Lines are starting to cross now to pull you into the action, becoming more interesting and leaving multiple answers being waited on as different personalities have their own cliff hangers throughout.

By the time Storm Season gets here, the gods of Sanctuary’s people and time are starting to come closer to a conflict and begin utilizing their own character-pawns in transcendent movements to cause different happenings in the world’s make-up. Tempus has returned from the vivisectionist’s laboratories, reached full strength, and continues to hunt Jubal’s hawkmasks throughout the town as Jubal quietly tries to recover from his own troubles and battle-weariness. His attempts to build up a network of strength that could someday achieve what he had in the past as the slavemaster will be interesting.

Shadowspawn continues to be used by the gods – after extolling a favor from Tempus, whom he’s rescued, of high-end training in his fighting skills. Now one of the best swordsman in the lands, he pits his strength against those of gods themselves under the banner of his own. Tempus meanwhile has his own other-worldly battles as well while his sister continues her exploits of ridding the world of wizards in her own sensual manner. A mythical metal is brought back to be worked into swords for an army while Kitty Kat fends off visitors from the capitol who are plotting to take his governorship power – or at least have it manipulated to their own ends within the Rankan courts.

Overall, it’s very satisfying even if it took a while for the interest to grow to such a level. I had a good time with it. As separate cliff hangers that detail the adventures of individual characters it helps you to keep things straight concerning how many people we have involved here. It would be a muddled mess if all of these folks were detailed in the form of a full novel – the short story way gives it an easier format to follow. And the use of multiple writers adds a flair in that you’re reading the different myths from multiple people with different storytelling styles…a biblical approach to the creation of this series. It would surely not have been nearly as interesting a read if not for my reading the previous books in the series. I wouldn’t suggest bouncing around – read this one chronologically (which most people would, anyway).

“Storm Season” edited by Robert Lynn Asprin
Copyright © 1982 by Robert Lynn Asprin
“Exercise in Pain” © 1982 by Robert Lynn Asprin
“Downwind” © 1982 by C. J. Cherryh
“A Fugitive Art” © 1982 by Diana L. Paxson
“Steel” © 1982 by Lynn Abbey
“Wizard Weather” © 1982 by Janet Morris
“Godson” © 1982 by Andrew J. Offutt
An ACE Book
ISBN: 0-441-78710-X
[1] Shadows of Sanctuary was reviewed in Legends #147.

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