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Urceus Exit – “Metro”

By Marcus Pan

MetroI’m digging the smooth grooviness of Urceus Exit's Metro about now. It’s got a nice subtle flair to it, low down and lightly done. It’s one of those rare works that is subtle enough to be background and smooth the day by, and meanwhile just interesting enough to be listenable on a conscious level. Very nice work here, coming off of ArtOfFact records showing that those badass Canadians still know how to find and pick the best fruits of a noisy world.

Metro opens up with the lightly tapping album version of Metro and leads into a trancy kind of atmosphere with drum ‘n bass futuristic stylings and interesting insect-lick clicks and trappings. Vocals are touched lightly with a fluffy metal vox and plays with poetics and Burroughsian lyrics. The second version of this, the Shy Brothers Remix, gets cloudily trancy and tinkers in my mind like some of the best progressive trance I’ve found. It’s very nice in the clouds with Urceus.

You Taste Like: there’s something like three rhythms in this track alone, all banging against one another creating a drum ‘n bass rockout jam session. This is followed up closely by These Spots in My Eyes, which slides us into a groovy heart-beat laced progressive trance style. I’m also heavily digging the Metro single here (not to be confused with the Berlin song). There’s three versions, a little overmuch perhaps, but it’s a good song with poetically spoken lyrics and philo-rambling stylings within the words. Good stuff and you can close your eyes and get lost in the words, nevermind the three versions of musical goodness that surrounds the three mixes.

I really dig this CD and will probably keep it a while. It’s comfortable yet just interesting enough to make you wonder, and the clouds are nice and fluffy and the poetics are deep and introspective. Urceus has a nice mix here, and don’t tend to stray too far into the electro-industrial format instead being a rave-style catcheism in a world otherwise filled with guttural guitars and overdone shrink wrapped vocals. Very nicely done.

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ArtOfFact Records
Post: Box 68039, RPO Osborne Village, Winnipeg, MB, R3L 2V9, Canada
Phone: (905) 707-6283

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