CD Review

Venus Fly Trap – “Zenith”

By Marcus Pan

ZenithVenus Fly Trap is reminding me of a just slightly less interesting I, Synthesist[1]. It’s good though and I’m digging it. Metropolis has a really catchy guitar rhythm swiped through it and Zen gets a bit tribal on me. Zenith, by the way, is Venus Fly Trap’s sixth album. It’s decent stuff, though if I had a choice between Avalanche and Zenith I’d have to think about it only a little before I chose the former.

Zenith runs close behind though, with modern urban technologies mixed with old tribal elements dizzied up into sci-fi genre visuals. It’s quite fine stuff and would be great as backdrop for works like Demolished Man[2] or The Gods Themselves[3]. A nice heady aroma and tasty flavor of future-pop and Euro-industrial. Vocals are subdued and spoken more than sung giving a storyboard feel to the work overall.

Neon has an almost subliminal melody to it with catchy tinklings and subtle synthetics. Twilight Opera reminds me heavily of Kraftwerk era industrial with a bit of added squeaky guitar. There’s even interesting trappings of 80s video game sounds that, while I can’t define, add to the track’s charm. Naked Ape also has a catchy melody like the starting Metropolis. The slow moving breakdown is smooth and surreal with a nice slow piano section with a good choice of chords that seem to work together while still having a strange sharp sound.

DNA becomes a chill out piece as Zenith begins to wind itself down. Bubbly synthetics and synth laced backwashes provide a nice background to the low bass monotone vocals. Neg X pops it up a bit to more mainstream friendly sounds with an almost disco and catchy flavor. It grows on you.

Venus Fly Trap is rather good. With each listen I am considering changing my behind-Avalanche position on their Zenith release. It’s really not as far behind as first impression, and I remember I, Synthesist needing to grow on me a bit also so I shouldn’t be all that surprised. A nice concoction here, pick up some future-pop fun today!

Contact Information:
Venus Fly Trap
Post: VFT PO Box 210, Northampton, NN2 6AU, UK
[1] His Avalanche release was reviewed in Legends #147.
[2] Alfred Bester’s The Demolished Man was written about in Legends #112’s Off the Shelf column.
[3] One of Asimov’s best and most underrated – reviewed in Legends #136.