CD Review

Virus Crawl – “Of the Same”

By Marcus Pan

Virus Crawl“Neo shizo rock.” That’s what I read goes into Virus Crawl. Made up of Palzy Daivah on vocals, guitars and keys, Adem Daivah on drums and vocals, Deon Prowd on bass (5 string no less) and Math Clack on guitar. Breaking out of Newcastle, Australia, their four track debut Of the Same doesn’t smack of what I expected having perused the band’s name. With “Virus Crawl” as the outfit’s name, I expected some wanna-be Front 242 or Ministry-like blahness reheated for the industrial kiddies of the day.

But it wasn’t anything like that. It’s actually quite punk, which shocked me because I had this future-computer-techno vision in mind with the band name. My bad. Instead it’s more thrashy rock, not electronic based at all. Prowd’s bass is dead on cool with its slamming rhythms and ballsy picking. The jacket artwork is great, with a similar style to what I did with Legends #148[1]. It’s a supermarket tabloid style with crazy article call outs like “Food! Quit for Life!” back dropped by a smiling skeleton. On the back is a dirty crossword puzzle that at one point I had to take away from my 8 year old who before I realized it had picked it up and was trying to work it out. Thanks, guys, really.

The music is hardcore and heavy with blistering guitars in stoner rock style. I’d compare them to Sadaharu[2] or Alice Donut[3] – dirty rock. Lyrics are well thought and stingingly accurate in a “truth hurts” sort of way. Of the Same has a loping yet heavy movement breaking into a near Limp Bizkit kind of spit rap rant. “Lay bloated in your piss pool, and swallow until you drown.” Well there you go, must’ve been in a good mood when they wrote these.

Most all the lyrics have a blistering style about them, getting nastier as you move further into the song. Lyrics like “Light’s a little creature now it just keeps on crawling” make you thing really hard, which can be good or bad depending on your brain matter. And while I don’t have much here to talk about, the first impression is that Virus Crawl can be pretty good when they finish something bigger.

I like this one. It’s only four tracks (three really, the third here is a 37 second ambient kind of thing against a storm background that would be better as an intro instead of its own track) and I’d like to hear more, but at this juncture I give Virus Crawl the nod to continue (not like my “nod” is worth anything, really). Stay in your garage and rip shit up kiddies…let’s see how angry you can really get.

Contact Information:
Rag Entertainment
Post: T/As Virus Crawl, A.B.N. 22 539 052 181, Australia Phone: +1 0414 596 482
[1] The April Fools issue of 2005.
[2] Sadaharu’s The Politics of Dancing was reviewed in Legends #151.
[3] Three Sisters was reviewed in Legends #143.