By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanHave a good holidays everyone—my hope is to finish the HTML and everything for this issue over the weekend so that your holiday gifts will be...Legends being on schedule! Isn’t that the greatest gift ever?

Next month let’s see what we have in store for you...Dark Part 2 will be in that issue. I’m hoping to have the band interviews with Bitter grace and Alice In Videoland done by then as well. We’ll take a look at some horror films, fantasy books and Canticle will mouth off twice.

Hopefully Auntie PanPan will pop in as well with her Horrorscopes which are sorely missed. And Klaatu hangs about with some more blatherings as well. So you see it’s not only music anymore.

Well, don’t hit nothing after the Goldschlager shots at the office holiday party kidlets...

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine
December 23, 2005