CD Review

Aquefrigide – “Un Caso Isolato”

By Marcus Pan

Un Caso IsolatoThis is a strange CD. It’s sung in what I thought was originally Spanish – which on second inspection is really Italian with Bre Beskyt Dyrene, artist behind Aquefrigide, hailing from Rome. What’s strange about it is that while I can’t understand any of it, it’s somehow infectious and diggable to me. My son loves it, he goes nuts over the heavy handedness and blatant infusion of guitar industrial and death metal roaring apparent on Un Caso Isolato.

With Bre joined by Klaus (bass) and Alex (drums) in ’05, Aquefrigide becomes a threesome – a loud and brash one. Detesto takes familiar heavy guitar strains and churns out a solid, chunky barrage with a nice liquidy death metal center. Anima, though I don’t know the lyrics, sounds pure evil with Kornesque bass movements and Mansonesque vocal stylings that comes across with a lot of power and feeling.

Mefisto Hobbit (a strange song name if ever I heard one) utilizes deep growling basslines and ambient static to create a deeply spookified atmosphere that grows into a Disturbesque chorus. Trota goes predominantly jam-bandish, and I’m not digging it as much as the previous. Vegetale gets acoustic and really out-there experimental with background laughter, coughing and other out of place tidbits of people sounds.

The screaming “Me love you!” for Carne Cruda cracks me up as much for the cheeziness as the anguished unfettered cry. And see if you can find Freddo Mercurio’s hidden sex! Freddo Mercurio is such a moving and funky-rhythmed song that you can’t but help to enjoy the groove. Aquefrigide close out Un Caso Isolato with the accousting Fragile No Elektro, a soft brooding piece touched with enough vox to give it a feeling of anger incarnate while never ceasing to be beautiful at the same time.

Aquefrigide, being Italian industrial death metal, is pretty interesting stuff. It sounds so rough and tearing – yet I don’t know what the trio are saying. They could be talking about playing with Barbie dolls are learning to masturbate eachother at band camp – I don’t know. But it’s still heavily barraging stuff that I dig it almost clear through Un Caso Isolato. Good for fans of Ministry[1], Marilyn Manson, Disturbed and Korn among others – especially if you’re Italian! You can choose not to like it, but don’t blame me if they break your kneecaps and dump you in the Vatican sewers.

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[1] Ministry’s Rantology was reviewed in Legends #154.