CD Review

Bury the Pariah “Sociopathic Undergarment (The Metal Album)”

By Marcus Pan

Sociopathic UndergarmentTo prepare for the review of Sociopathic Undergarment from Bury the Pariah, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane to talk a short bit about a band that Bury the Pariah heavily reminds me of. The name of that band was Genetic Mishap, and my issue with them was, “Even with abstract music there is a certain level of form, a guideline if you will on what music basically is, and quite frankly these guys must have lost it. One would almost think Genetic Mishap is trying to sound like shit.”

Here on Bury the Pariah, we have another failing. Sub-dubbed The Metal Album, this CD tries to one-up the thrashers with super-fast speed and thrash metal. Looking at our one-man band’s body of work, we see that Rory Heikkila has started releasing albums in 2000 (Of Nightfall’s Silence under the name Shroud of Despondency), put out three more in 2002, two in 2003, skipped 2004 because someone must have told him the truth about his music, and then decided he was bored and released five so far this year. So in five years he’s amassed more than eleven album credits to his name. Here’s another bit from the Genetic past about this sort of thing:

“The CD as a whole was a great disappointment, and literally painful to listen to. Fifteen tracks of unoriginal material that was most likely thrown together in a couple weeks while definitely being on something. If someone took a turd and shaped it into a CD, and put it into a jewel case, I would not have known the difference. Bands like these should take their CD's off the shelves or wherever they have them, bury them and start over, and practice instead of taking draft one and calling it an album.”[1]

Sociopathic Undergarment, even though it’s Rory’s eleventh album, shows actually no songwriting prowess. This is what happens when you fish off the cutting room floor so you can crank out five albums in one year. I’m willing to bet that Rory has absolutely NO unused studio cuts – and when everything you’ve recorded is on a CD release somewhere you have absolutely no willingness to learn your craft before pummeling the public at large with another pound of aural crap.

Haphazardly built song structures kick us off with Conditioned to Clap and Tin Foil, both of which show about as much musical arrangement as an eight year old with ADD sickness and a missed pill. The Televangelism Tune opens with a snap from one of those 80s Mr. T. silly “be good kids!” songs and then goes into another mish-mash of over the top speed drumming and unthoughtful guitar riffs. Rory Heikka has a decent command of his guitar, but he’s about as qualified a songwriter as I am to build an airplane. Koko Blew it Up has some really nice guitar noodling on it, but while this instrument is competently played the supporting make-up of the rest of the music is completely nonsensical, amateurish and I haven’t even mentioned the horrid “singing” yet. Maybe I shouldn’t go there.

In the center we are treated to a prank phone call – yahooie. Something I haven’t done since I was 11, and here it is on a man’s eleventh album. And then it’s back into the badly designed mish-mash with C.O.D. C.O.D. is just guitar noodles with growling and thuddythuddythuddy fast paced and boring drums. Let’s take a sampling of the lyrics – we’ll use New as a guide: “Isolation, alienation, new estrangement. A stagnant underbelly.” Hmm. “Entangled in lies, looking dead straight into dead eyes.” The lyrics are also about as original as falling on your head in a mosh pit and feels about the same.

Is Bury the Pariah really trying to make shitty music – is “sounds bad” a pre-requisite for inclusion here? Sonically speaking it could be. But let’s shut this down now – I mean I already wrote about this sort of thing before, and the main reason why I quoted from that Genetic Mishap review twice is so I can bulk up the verbiage here and don’t have to listen to this anymore. Stop it.

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[1] Both Genetic Mishap quotes are from the review of Bad Gene Pool in Legends #118.