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Cabaret – “Homophobia”

By Marcus Pan

HomophobiaCabaret have been a duo since 1997, made up by Polish citizens Jaroslaw Pawlik and Michal Bieniek. Mixing elements of simply being human into an effervescent computerized world of sound, the warmth of their music is appreciated in a world of socio-political boundaries, creeds and terror. With poetic lyrical content that sticks to the raw energy of humanity rather than adapts a soapbox in their releases, Cabaret keep themselves from being lumped into the more aggressive industrial I’ve been receiving.

Nicole (Welcome To) introduces the comforting vocals that Cabaret will provide for your journey. It’s not metallized, not voxed and is purely 100% human. That gives Homophobia a very realistic feeling, even if the surrounding electronics will take you on a cloud hopping trance. You’re still doing it with your own mind rather than theirs – you remain human along with Cabaret. Be On Standby is a brilliant track defining the human condition in a demanding world. Electric Chair Song I remember from their recent maxi-single release[1] and it is a great song to chill or trance to.

Homophobia really is a smooth, calming album. It’s got a Kraftwerk feel to it with synthetic washings and a near trancelike effect. Some tracks, Devil is Dancing for example, is very progressive with a low-key start that builds as the track progresses. The overall affect of Homophobia on the whole is one of chilling out and finding oneself amidst the chaos of the current world state. Rain on My Skin opens with tinkling bells and warming washes that envelop and protect you as it grows tendrils of hope and sheer fascination with being human.

I really dig the metallic dirges used in Dawn Mist Glowing. The rhythm is strange and a little confusing following the previous warming tracks, but somehow though it gets a bit funky it retains an earthy feel leant to by the low key bass and smooth under-rhythm. Homophobia (nr. 9) continues the funkiness of the previous, with interesting lyrics and space-like wraps and washes of synthetic sound. Angel Theme moves us slowly to the close of Homophobia with synthetic winds and horns bringing us smoothly and evenly to our own world.

Very nicely done. Cabaret have a fine knack of building their songs from a humanistic standpoint. While some electro musicians will seek to change not only you but your world, Cabaret’s Homophobia keeps you the person you are going in. They will envelop and protect you for the journey with warm washes and pleasantly controlled melodies and take you away from the terror of Earth for a bit – but throughout it you remain as human as you were when you came in. Maybe even a little more-so.

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[1] Reviewed in Legends # 154.

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