CD Review

Deflore – “Human Indu[B]strial”

By Marcus Pan

Human Indu[B]strialHello kiddies. Today’s magic word of the day is, “drone!” Every time you hear the word drone you should scream at the top of your lungs and you’ll get a prize – a shiny plastic coaster! [/bad Pee Wee Herman attempt] Made up of Christian Ceccarelli (bass, programming) and Emiliano Di Lodovico (guitar, “noises”) out of Rome, Deflore’s Human Indu[B]strial release is well made, heavy and barraging – but loses itself as it becomes too unchanging and non-reactive. It drones [scream!].

Actually, Deflore aren’t bad really. On Human Indu[B]strial the music is solid and heavy, a sonic wall of terror-driving beats and anguished guitars mixed with background hums, static and speaker feedback. But here we have a similar issue to what we dealt with when we spun Pink Turns Blue’s Re-Union. Tracks don’t change enough, which leads to boredom. After the same riff is played for the sixth time it starts to drone [scream!]. While nicely made – I’m a bit of the opinion that they are not songs. They’re more like pieces of songs, or riffs that should be bridge connections within one or something.

It’s kind of strange, actually. It’s industrial, so even if it drones [scream!] it doesn’t really fall too far in the background. And as I sit here listening to Experiment C-Low, the third track on Human Indu[B]strial, I’m surprised that the previous two, Emostatico and Connect, slipped by me like a noisy black bat in an unlit night sky. I’m thinking maybe the [B] reference is telling me that while industrial, this CD is also meant by Deflore as a dub/mix tape for those types of clubs – a drone[scream!]ing background that is meant to have something laid over top of it.

Emilionero has a great beat break-up near its end that jolts you back into the music. The lengthy closing track Subsound Corporation is the best offering here, possibly the only one I’d recommend for home use. A progressive trance that concentrates on rhythm movements, drum ‘n’ bass and experimental overtones, with a strong guitar showing through. But due to its continuous changes, progression and builds it is the least drone[scream!]ing thing here. The latter six or so minutes of Subsound Corporation is ambient background until 8 ½ minutes in when it kind of experiments out for the final minute and a half.

All the tracks are solid and pro-played, assuredly. The duo know what they’re doing. I think it’s just safer to recommend Human Indu[B]strial to DJs rather than home use, though it does meld nicely into the background of a workday admittedly. But it’s meant to be used as filler between club tracks or on the radio as a drone[scream!]ing background to speak over. I’d really like to see what Deflore can do with an actual album rather than dub loops though, so let’s see something else pop out of Rome with their name on it please.

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