DVD Review

“The Flesh Eaters”

By Marcus Pan

The Flesh EatersAnother rescue mission by Dark Sky Films nets this 1964 classic and presses it to DVD. The Flesh Eaters began a new genre of “gore” horror, utilizing new shining-model special effects that haven’t been seen before. Starring Byron Sanders, Rita Morley, Barbara Wilkin and with a superb evil scientist portrayal by Martin Kosleck, the film fuses the fear of the ocean deep with the fear of cold-war era biological experimentation.

When it’s discovered that Germany attempted to waylay the oceans against America with flesh eating bacterial organisms, psychotic mastermind Kosleck attempts to re-engineer the organisms, and chooses an uninhabited island where he can run his experiments at will without prying eyes. With the advent of bad weather and engine trouble, a charter plane pilot, his drunken actress flyer and the actresses’ secretary land searching for shelter, throwing a wrench in the experimental plans.

Duping them into helping him with his experiment, applying electrical current through the organisms, the scientist creates more than he bargained for. Pseudo-science indeed, as the electricity gels the DNA of the creatures together into one…well you’ll just have to watch the film, I can’t give it all away.

Splatter punks will cherish this DVD, The Flesh Eaters being one of the first of its kind after all. Fans of modern movies who rail against the older quiche will not. It’s sometimes fun however to see where movies were forty years ago and witness the glowing special effects, wacky creatures and more of lost days though. It’s also interesting to see the feelings of the times echoed in movies, as they always will be, with Nazi scientists and drunken actresses being on people’s minds with the still-recent end of World War II and the cold war fears of the times.

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