By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanI have to say I’m extremely pleased with the way the last couple of issues have come out. It’s so nice to have run out enough of the review backlogs to now offer the bands that submit to us a shorter timeframe before their reviews hit. Following some postal errors and things like hurricanes and such some CD reviews have languished for a year...really. I’m very embarrassed about that, really, but lately it’s been 1-3 months tops. Most within 2. I’m very happy with that.

The down side is that just about all the CD reviews are being done by myself, but I’m dealing with that. I go on binges where I’ll write a dozen in a week so it’s being handled and that way we don’t have the postal debacles that snafu things up.

And also now that the reviews have been cranked out I can start offering some things we haven’t seen in a while. and book reviews have heated up as well.

And at the risk of sounding mushy it’s way cool to hook up with old friends like Klaatu (who appeared last month and has another coming next month), Canticle (who as you know is our newest columnist with his Ranticles) and April who hits us this month with Cold. Very nice indeed.

So delve in I guess—another diversified issue as we move into 2006, Legends 16th year of running. As we move along we’ll be bringing you the second part of Dark next month, hopefully an interview with Neil Gaiman, more music of course and a new crazy sci-fi piece called Wires by T.J. Hardman, Jr.– another who hasn’t been around in a while, since #98. Old friends, new stories...enjoy.

Oh and happy whatever-days. I’m saying that because I hope Christian fundies sue me like Walmart for not saying their word, woo!

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine
December 21, 2005