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PTI – “Exhaust”

By Marcus Pan

ExhaustI really dug PTI’s Blackout[1] release in 2004. Their latest, Exhaust, also comes from the most excellent WTII Records and this time we’re treated to the remix companion. All tracks, excepting the single Exhaust, are remixes of previous Blackout tracks by various artists. That, effectively, makes this kind of a various artists release, but just so I don’t hurt my head I’m going to stick to it being a PTI release[2].

MindFluxFuneral Abomination’s remix of Comdemnation stays true to the original, but adds more of a futuristic tone. Databass is remixed by Assemblage 23. Databass was one of my favorite tunes by PTI, and this is quite different from the original with a funkier upbringing and a very drum ‘n’ bass soundtrack supporting the vocals, which are more subdued. Melodies are hidden by slight static clouds adding a post-apocalyptic feel.

Further tracks on Exhaust lean towards a trancier-centric style. Z. Prochek’s Zero Hour, Christ Analogue's Identify and the Subversion remix of Databass by PTI themselves – the later being an amazing rendition of the previously stomp-deadly track from Blackout. Subdued and infiltrated with an atmospheric nature, it’s quite amazing how well PTIs rap-style vocals still work well with this style, owed to by their excellent use of alliteration and rhythm within the lyrics themselves.

Negative Format’s take on Gone Silicon takes it heavily towards a Kraftwerkian stance – post-AI style, but more progressive trance than quirky Euro-industrial. The Flesh Field has a trance-like rhythm, but is probably closer to the original than the others. The consistent boom-boom beat is a little humdrum. I really dig the Torrent Vaccine version of Condemnation, which slides a deep bass static into the mix for a really dark atmosphere. The Y-Luk-O Degradation of Identify really messes with the make-up of the track, moving things about, muting things, getting generally all experimental on it. The end result is really kicking.

Exhaust is as mixed up and stand-alone as Blackout is, with few things but the song names staying the same. A good selection of bands were chosen to rework music here, from the immortal Assemblage 23 to God Module, Christ Analogue and Interface – names you’ve heard and are likely to hear again.

Contact Information:
WTII Records, LLC
Post: PO Box 13495, Chicago, IL, 60613, USA
Phone: (773) 989-4317
[1] Reviewed in Legends #148.
[2] I’m having logical brain problems as it is at the new job.

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