By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanThat’ll be it for now. Strange Winter around these parts, really, planet can’t seem to figure out what season it is. According to my calendar it’s been Winter for over a month now. According to the weather there’s been only the occasional day or two of Winter followed by Autumn or early Spring again. Wreaking havoc on my sinuses, or maybe I’m just getting old.

Either way...I had a couple extra CD reviews popped into this month that weren’t expected to help us fill out some space nicely to the page you’re reading now. Additionally, I’ve just finished reading Robin Hobb’s Shaman’s Crossing so we’ll kick the Off the Shelf column back into style next month. Also next month I hope to have our Neil Gaiman interview, and music acts Alice in Videoland and Headscan as well. We have Human Aftertaste hanging out in the wings waiting for their interview questions to come through as well.

CDs haven’t been coming in as quickly, which means that we’ll have space for lots of new fiction. Such as my own It Never Occurred to Him and T.J. Hardman, Jr.s Wires complete with illustration by JHorsley3 in the near future. Canticle will continue and I’m hoping Auntie PanPan will get things going on a regular schedule as well.

The Serpent’s Inn series will come to Legends soon as well. Also in draft is the Net.Goth Directory [2] at that some of us are working on as well.

See you next month kiddies...

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine
January 22, 2006