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Alice in Videoland – “Outrageous!”

By Marcus Pan

OutrageousIf you were to take pieces of sexy, fun, flair, sultriness and cute, put them in separate parts of a particle accelerator and fire them at each other until they smash and mix at the molecular level, then take this substance and pour it into a mold that looks on one hand like Gwen Stefani and the other quite like the really cute chick in The Fifth Element, cook it in an intergalactic oven and then serve – you’d probably end up with something that looks, acts, tastes and sings very much like the eclectic and wantable Toril Lindqvist. I’m putting Toril Lindqvist on my Christmas list this year.

Toril is the lead vocalist of the eclectic and fun Alice in Videoland. Alice in Videoland also includes Anders Alexander on drums, John Dahlbom on bass & guitar, and Dominique on synthesizer. Considering the allures of Toril, it’s only appropriate that Outrageous! open with a track about telling seedy types like me to bugger off – Ladykiller consistently reminds me that Toril wouldn’t, over her dead body, have anything to do with me. Of course that only makes me want her more.

Just to keep things confusing enough, Cut the Crap then tells me to dare to be a man as she croons to “give it to me baby” and do all those sorts of nicey things while “staying in bed all day long.” Yummy. All of this is programmed to funky rhythms, Sigue Sigue stylings and pop-pastiche bleetings of electro-goodness. It’s bright, furry, anime-like and could cheer up Eeyore himself. It’s sickeningly happy sounding but sliced open with a lot of tongue in cheek.

Emily is a scathing tirade against a scene enemy who will find herself growing old and still “working at some bar some uncle used to own.” The melody here is a little tripe (echoes the previous track actually), but has some great down-funk break outs. Better Off is a moving piece that is bassier, and somehow infectious. Toril’s vocals are deep and sultry most of the time, with sublime echoing and occasionally spurts of interesting rhythm changes and melody interruptions. Finely crafted.

Great bass work by Dahlborn in Radio Song. A great message in this song too, fitting for any relationship dumpee: “I know you’ve been dumped and all that shit, but your attitude sucks you gotta admit.” The “If you write another lovesong I’ll kill you” line is awesome. Overloading on happiness by this point? Good…Falling is a sad, slow ballad about, well, anything depressing though I tend to take it as the aforementioned losing-love song that Toril’s not supposed to be writing anymore. It grows in sound as one’s pain grows in rejection.

Alice in Videoland is pop on the outskirts of popularity. It’s a sour patch candy in a world of sweetness, funked out from the same side of the planet as Meg Lee Chin[1] and Republika. Unendingly diggable in a mint flavored cherry smelling package, Outrageous! might very well help you find your lost bounce, or simply have you, like me, writhing on the floor in a sea of orgasmic bliss. It’s December 1st now, Merry Christmas and ship me my Toril.

Contact Information:
ArtOfFact Records
Post: Box 68039, RPO Osborne Village, Winnipeg, MB, R3L 2V9, Canada
Phone: (905) 707-6283
[1] Her Piece and Love was reviewed in Legends #104.

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