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FieldTRIP – “Wrong Planet”

By Marcus Pan

Wrong PlanetHaving been a fan of Gabor Csupo’s music[1] for some time, I was pretty stoked when Tone Casualties asked if I wanted a copy of his latest project – FieldTRIP. A mesmerizing and trippy slide through a trance master’s domain, Wrong Planet is already a favorite. Nebula for example uses earthy sounding horns, but somehow still sends you spacefaring. A wonderfully and intrinsically laid out plan of universe hopping. Ghost Sonata takes the horn melodies and blends them into a more synthetic toy piano sound as it slows the rhythm down a bit for some sight seeing far away now that Nebula lifted you off.

Sleepwalker really picks up the pace and doesn’t come off sleepy or as light as a walk. The first few tracks thus far have me feeling the earthy tones of Wrong Planet with its horn-based dirges and flutey trappings. Very meditative, very diggable. Tracks flow smoothly into one another taking a key sound from a previous song. Some chanty vocals, male and female, join us for our journey in Terra Nova.

After you’ve traipsed about a while, Eno Tron will tinkle things down into a landing somewhere far away – a pleasant dreamscape of lilies and butterflies with airbrushed skies and stars that glimmer with not only light but sound. Everything slows down…the world, your breath and your heart and suddenly you’re more placid and calm than you’ve been in years. The butterflies take flight and a breeze blows lazily in with a hint of bronze.

Lanterna Burana gets strange and oozing with vocal aahs wound into a fluffy cake. Suddenly Cairo Mio gets Arabian on you as it blows its flute like rhythm through your essence. Dragon Disco gets funky and lays down some rippin’ bass. Action Cinema brings Wrong Planet to a close with a swift rhythm and a march-like orchestral movement, powerful without having to be over the top loud. Wonderfully done.

What a good time it was tripping off to Wrong Planet, really. Gabor hasn’t lost a single touch of his arrangement ability or flair, as good as ever. It’s a brilliant album, but without the pervasiveness that some versions of high brow brilliant get. It’s genius but reachable and graspable.

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[1] And cartoons, though if asked I’ll tell you the kids are watching it.

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