By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanKicking on schedule for a change, what-with it being the 20th of January and the February issue is puttering out already! Very happy with that, mind. Also quite happy with the cover, which I think turned out quite well. One of my better ones—certainly not as good as MLM or Litts covers, but one of my better ones.

I’m very happy with the interview feature this month with Nox Arcana’s Joseph Vargo—covers everything from his music to his artwork, books and more. Dispells some rumors and what-not as well, so enjoy that. I didn’t cut a single word. Let it ride, says I. Oh and this one’s real, too—not a Century act!

Dark closes up this month as you can see. And we also welcome back Auntie PanPan and her Horrorscopes, I’m happy to report. Additionally Klaatu is still hanging about, as well as Canticle.

Another feature this month is Legends—The Next Ten Years which picks up a bit of Legends Magazine’s history. The First Five Years article appeared way back in 1999. Originally I had wanted to write this one for Legends #150, but a bunch of stuff happened so it got pushed back. But here it is, for those who care.

In other project news, the Net.Goth-Directory [2] is being worked on—mostly Perl based scripting that will allow you to update your own entries. So then I can spend more time writing this silly lil’ zine.

See you on the back page, kiddies.

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine
January 20, 2006