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Headscan – “Pattern Recognition”

By Marcus Pan

Pattern RecognitionHeadscan create a very fast paced industrial alternative to the droning metal-laced stuffed that has grown in popularity since Ministry's[1] start. They have a slick sound to them, smoothe as ice and pulsing with a sexual energy - this would be perfect dance floor fodder for your next orgy.

Based out of Montreal, Headscan sold out their Shaper and Mechanist release and dropped some well received CDs on the Canadian landscape. With ArtOfFact Records now behind them, they are sure to increase their following through this larger label's marketing and production capabilities. Pattern Recognition is a showcase of some of the finest trance-laced industrial to reach me.

The muddy waters of Hi-Motion Model grow into a synthetic multi-petaled flower vibrating with pulses of electricity and energy. Vocals lace into it and waver like drops of dew on a breezy day as it clings to the dark purple techscape of the petals. The grooves of Lolife is pure eyes-closed groovy bliss. Taking a more funk-based rhythmic style and lacing synthetic soundscapes only lightly sprayed with a metallic gleam, vocals are washed with salt water and webbed through the mix to punctuate and rust the aural latticework.

Arrache-Moi opens with anthem-like hits and gets rivets of rhythm nailed into it. Laden heavily with samples and filled with a void-like and strange sensation, the lay-in of high keyboard work makes the track seem large in scope when run over top of a lower filter sound. Unexpected breakdowns crack the track into segments without warning giving Arrache-Moi a dark style and sensation. The sneaky female vocals in Antenna Manifold hide behind the rhythms and the dirge-like vocals are as much a part of the synthetic music as the surrounding movements.

This is Headscan’s style, a futuristic Kraftwerk-influenced sound with brilliant fast-paced synthetics, pulsating beats and rhythm combined with vocals laced into the tracks that play along with the programming just as much as another keyboard would. You’ll find trance-like movements, progressively growing creations of sound and old school Euro-industrial held together flawlessly with brilliant soul-infecting grooves. For more on Headscan keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive interview with them in Legends coming soon!

Contact Information:
ArtOfFact Records
Post: Box 68039, RPO Osborne Village, Winnipeg, MB, R3L 2V9, Canada
Phone: (905) 707-6283
[1] Ministry’s latest, Rantology, was reviewed in Legends #154.

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