Ranticles: “Unholy Stupidity”

By Canticle

RanticlesOn my break, I read about the statement of US policy on the use of Nuclear Weapons. OK, first thing, all this seems to do is put in writing what is already functionally possible, so I don't want to see anyone horrified at the thought. It's been functionally possible for a long, long time so it shouldn't be a huge surprise. What's stupid is stating it.

By stating that even the thought of using nuclear weapons will invite a pre-emptive nuclear strike, you're asking for a horrifying scenario.

Scenario 1: Nation or terrorist has nuclear weapon, decides to pre empt the pre emption, and uses it. They know they won't survive a first strike, so they strive to get the first strike in first. Let's not talk about people giving up their nukes in fear...if you have nukes, you're generally not giving them up. I can see this stopping nations working on getting nukes, but not terrorists. Come on people, terrorists have already demonstrated they are willing to slaughter innocents and themselves to make their point or just because, what makes you think a nuclear threat will change their mind?

Scenario 2: Nation or terrorist has no nuclear weapons, gets nuked. US vilified by horrified world and nations with nukes ready them in fear of US using their nuclear arsenal with no real (in their perception) justification beyond 'We were scared and pressed the button.'

Scenario 3: Nation has no nuclear weapons, is involved in conventional conflict with US, and for whatever reason is winning. US resorts to nuclear weapon so as not to lose. This becomes the most horrifying scenario of all, because everyone WITH a nuke sees the US using a nuke only because they are losing, recognizes that the US is willing to pull out all the stops to remain top dog, and decides to use nukes in fear of being next on the list.

Scenario 4: Nothing changes.

I like Scenario 4 for a lot of reasons, but given human nature, I think 1 and 3 are the most likely scenarios if this 'statement' is ratified.

The US would be a lot better off doing what they've done with their nuclear arsenal to this date. Letting it sit there quietly and speak for itself.

Canticle on September 9, 2005.