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Urceus Exit – “Contra”

By Marcus Pan

ContraThis is the second release from Urceus Exit I’ve received to date, the first having been Metro. Here on Contra the troupe take things a bit deeper, concentrating on subtle rhythms and movements to create what is definitely a less intrinsic sound than their previous. Spoken word pieces lined with lacey vox touch up the mix and things are trancy, smoothe, somehow dark but not quite evil.

Good Morning Beautiful open up with a long, progressive trance introduction before bringing us to Metro which gets surreal in lyrical make-up combined with a faster paced rhythm that is somehow tribal yet somehow Latin. I’m not quite sure how to peg it really, but the alliteration of the lyrical work itself adds yet another rhythm to the piece making it that much more difficult to tell where it influences from. The repetitive nature of some of the lyric strains becomes brain-wash level subliminal, but somehow enjoyable in a psychotic episode style.

I wasn’t digging Contra as much before and certainly not as much as Metro, but tonight I’ve been awake for too long, my mind is a bit schizo and I’m really liking it as we roll into Decadence on track three. That lends credence to the whole reason why X is readily available at trance raves – after all, you’re just more open to what’s bubbling about aurally. That’s not to say I’m Xed out now. I’m not – I’m just kind of brain fried. But with the exception of the raging hard-on it’s somewhat similar in grey matter effects.

Alone has a funky bassline that plunders the vocals when they try to come in. This Morning Comes is likewise moving and funky. Distinct but Not Defined returns us to the smoother strains and lyrical spoken word goodness of opening tracks, chilling out Contra wonderfully.

I can say that I enjoyed Metro more, but Contra certainly has its moments. I love the lyrical content and in many songs the way the words will use alliteration to combine with and in some areas become its own subtle rhythm. It’s got a nice ebb and flow as a whole in that it starts surreal, increases tempo in the middle and chills out at the end – very well put together in that regard. Certainly worth a trancey look.

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