Alice in Videoland

Scandinavia’s Alice in Videoland take all the nuances of pop and industrial and combine them into a trippy, fun and bouncing series of tracks on their latest, Outrageous!, out on Storming the Base Records. Brought over the seas in a partnership with Canada’s ArtOfFact Records, the sultry Fifth Element style Toril Lindqvist leads this four pronged approach to the new age of bubble gum music for the sexier class. In this interview, I managed to pin down the group’s normally bouncy routine long enough to get a few questions in. Keep your eyes out!

First off, let’s introduce everybody…

Toril Lindqvist - vocals
Anders (Alex) Alexander - drums
Johan Dahlbom - bass
Dominique – syntheziser

Alice in Videoland infuse different styles into the mix from trip-hop to industrial, pop rock and bubblegum. Where do these different styles come from and are there individuals in AiV who tend to bring them specifically?

When we first started making music we wanted to be open minded and do whatever we liked without limiting ourselves to any specific genre. Frankly we were tired the way you must stick by different rules and directions to fit, there is some things you're not "allowed" to do and other things you're expected to do. We had all been in different bands before and always got in arguments about the type of music and the "sticking to one sound only" issue! So that's why we decided to trust our own feeling from the heart instead of the brain!

The Internet has become a major boon for self marketing and promotion. Does Alice in Videoland use the Internet often or more conventional means of marketing your music?

Both ways! But mainly the Internet, it's definitely the best way to spread your music across the world, in our case it made a big difference, it's the main reason people in other countries know about us!

Alice in VideolandContrarily the Internet has been well known to also provide a means for illegally swapping files. What’s Alice’s view on fans sharing your music via Kazaa and other peer to peer networks?

It's both good and bad. If it weren't for downloads we wouldn't have nearly as many fans as we do now and it would have taken us a lot longer to come this far. Still we're somehow hoping that those who truly like us buys our record anyway so we can continue making music, we can't live out of nothing. Hopefully people understand what it takes, that you've put your hole life into it and busted your ass off!

How do you create a new song? Is there a set guideline or format to go about? Lyrics followed by melodies, or built up from a base rhythm or drum loop?

Yes, all of the above! Actually it's different every time. Me and Alex usually become inspired by each other, either he's been working on a new idea or some kind of draw and I listen and come up with a melody from that and we build it from there or I'm coming to Alex with my song ideas, baselines or melodies and he starts brainstorming. Sometimes we just play around in our studio with no intentions and a song is made by accident!

Do band members of Alice in Videoland do any music or creative side projects?

Alex works as a producer and writes other music as well, he's done a lot of music to all kinds of computer games. Dominique designs clothes and a lot of other art involving stuff to. Both Johan and I like to do artwork and graphics, I'm also into making my own clothes … I guess you might say that we are a very creative band, that and we all play a lot of different instrument and so on.

How many love letters does Toril get on a monthly basis?

If only I had the time to count them! No but seriously, I don’t know; fifty, hundred give or take, it depends

How were you able to hook up with and release Outrageous on Storming the Base Records and do you plan on releasing more CDs with this label?

Outrageous!They contacted us I actually don't know how they knew about us, I guess the good old Internet had something to do with it. As the way things are going with Storming the Base we will definitely release more.

Does Alice have any touring or travel plans upcoming in the new year?

You bet! We'll start a club tour here in Scandinavia in March and some in Europe (not official yet) and then it's all kinds of festivals during the summer, and who knows, we might just be coming to the states in the near future…there's no date set yet, but it's being planned for.

Are there any plans for another CD as of yet, production work going on? What’s coming from Alice in Videoland’s studio efforts in 2006?

You just have to wait and see…but we promise you won't be disappointed. We're working on a new release right now so hopefully it won't take that long, keep your eyes out!