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The Elvrie Historia

Marcus Pan

AlbinorThe Elvrie Historia is a strange work I began around 1992. It was planned to be a spin-off from the Albinor Chronicles series as it started to gain popularity through Legends Magazine and other publications. Because I particularly enjoyed the elven chapters of the Chronicles, I decided to start providing more work on them in particular. I started it with some background information with which to start my work, and I was planning on making the Elvrie Historia a history of the elves that extends back to ancient times (as you can see by the legends I wrote around the forest and the elves’ separation).

I originally intended the Historia to be released via Legends Magazine. But it got bigger (at least qualitatively in my mind) and was soon to be an idea behind a novel. I never did finish it (I’m actually beginning to doubt if I ever will). But what I have done is now yours to enjoy. These works I am most critical on. I’ve edited most of them as many as a half dozen times each. I hope it meets with your satisfaction. I’m aware that the scroll image on the facing page that shows the elves’ separation is a bit low resolution, but it’s something that I drew decades ago and it’s been photocopied, scanned, redrawn, outlined...for years. It’s called the Elvrie Sepren (Separation of the Elves).

You won’t see this anywhere else (at the time of this writing). This is the first time I’ve ever put it out to the general public. Enjoy.

Cannolbra - The Creation of Cannolbarth

As the elves wandered haplessly through Albinor, one god looked down upon them from the heavens and was sad. For the elves were his children, and they had no home to speak of. Borne of a bolt of thunder, he came and made for his people a forest of great size. And this he named Cannolbra, which is Cannolbarth in the common tongue. In the likeness of his own heavenly forest of Sylvania it was, and some called it so, though wrongly. It's trees were great, rising high overhead and joining in a wondrous ceiling of leaves and dark boughs. Their bark was of a dark brown tinted with silver and the leaves they bore year-round never faded, as those of other trees did. The leaves did fall nonetheless, little at a time, forming a soft bed as soft as petals on the forest floor. But still he was not happy, for the elves were a long way east beside the sea. So he clad himself in a cloak and hood, and rode a cloud to the east, and so Corellon Larethian came among his people, the elves.

Elvrie Sepren

Elvrie Oceana - Of the Sea Elves

CannolbarthLong before in a time beyond remembrance and recognition, all the elves of Albinor wandered aimlessly. Among the fields and dales hither and thither they went, never staying too long in one place for they were ofttimes easy prey for the beasts of the Wilde. Traveling in small bands over the mountains and cliffs and deep clefts of the swift, running rivers, they roamed ever on and on. A few bands remained by the sea, taming the waters of Poseidon's realm and ever longing for the breath and whispers of the ocean. And these bands disappeared into the blue deeps, and rarely came aloft again for they made a friend of the sea and dwelt beneath the foamy crests in coral reefs and waterhewn caverns. Rarely seen are they now, glimpsed suddenly and for mere moments. These were the sea elves, those that never left the foamy shores, and in the elven tongue were called the Elvrie Oceana.