At the Foot of My Bed

By Gustavo Lapis Ahumad

BGraceSoftly, gently, you crept into my bedroom
Gliding on rose petals guided by tears
You sat at the foot of my bed
Once again, at the foot of my bed
My eyes sensed you before I sensed you
So I awoke to find you there, at the foot of my bed
I sat up, tears swelling waiting for a cue
You no longer hover over me, not even in my dreams anymore
You just sit there and stare at me
The sigh in your heart is hidden from me now
Yet it deafens me to no end
Your eyes tell of oh so many things,
You are the Siren that answered the call
But you have nothing to say to me
I guess, sometimes there is nothing to say
I can’t change anything at all
Not who I am, and definitely not you
If I could I would surrender all that I have
But all I have are sighs, at the foot of my bed