By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanTried to bring in some new writers this month such as the cameo return of Pat Hawkes-Reed and the essays by Rufus and poetry by Gustavo Lapis Ahumad.

Also in an effort to mix it up I’ve dusted off some old Albinor stories in the form of the Elvrie Historia. Kind of an “Unfinished Tales” type of thing. So I hope that goes over ok.

You obviously know what our feature is this month simply by looking at the cover...I am very happy with the way the cover came out too by the way. Alice in Videoland spoke to me from their hidey hole in Scandinavia.

Admittedly I’m starting this issue up a bit late—I forgot February is a shorter month than the others so that messed me up a bit. But it’s just a minor goof...bear with me and enjoy this slightly delayed issue!

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine