CD Review

Into the Hole - “Do You Want to Play With Me?”

By Marcus Pan

Do You Want to Play With Me?Finding that playing was “extremely necessary to survive”, Alessandro Volpi has followed after his young teen punk rock outfit, drumming with locals and the like to create Into the Hole. He’s done everything from play guitar to drums, sing-scream to arrange. And while Into the Hole’s Do You Want to Play With Me? Out on Alkemist Fanatix Europe is cute, I’m not so sure it’s as groundbreaking as other low-cut industrial acts I’ve heard.

As a whole, Do You Want to Play With Me? comes across a bit hokey, with a slumpy speed and a bit of amateurism in its make-up. Not much in the way of complication, somewhat straightforward and a little draggable. Soundage used is kind of…hokey too. A Good Game’s preamble is slow, a bit contrived and could quite well be a surrealistic femme-robot fart. Vocals are as dragging as the surrounding music, sometimes running a bit flat like my tire did last night.

The Dream or the Reality is a Reznor attempt that closes very messily. Beat backings are stock based and uncreative. Even chord outlays, on Without Pity for example, are uninspired. The closing Useless is the most interesting of the lot, but sounds a bit muffled – an over the top attempt at puppy industrial.

I’m finding Into the Hole’s first half length release, Do You Want to Play With Me?, problematic in that Volpi seems to lack the experience necessary to create really riveting music. He understands the concept and he knows how to at least get his equipment to sound out – but he hasn’t found that button that makes it sound original. It sounds a bit dated, even. Had this been 1979 I’d probably be hawking this, but it’s 2005 and I’m hearing nothing short of an amateurish attempt at Skinny Puppy[1] and Nine Inch Nails[2].

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[1] See our review of Remix Dys Temper in issue #87 and Doomsday Back + Forth in #121.
[2] Legends reviewed The Fragile in issue #94 and Things Falling Apart was reviewed in Legends #110.