CD Review

Larry Kucharz – “Ambient Green Washes”

By Marcus Pan

Ambient Green WashesKucharz has a knack of naming his creations. Even minimal pursuits like his electronic ambient washes series continues to stick brilliantly to the name he sets out for them. We’ve reviewed his Ambient Red Washes[1] set as well as his Bridge Mix 37[2] CD which I continuously remarked within to have tracks that are well named and do sound, imaginatively speaking, fittingly appropriate to the names.

His Ambient Green Washes is just as aptly named, growing a smooth natural setting with a rhythm built from the world itself. Rolling hills, lush forests, light sprays of mid-summer or late spring rains barely discernible and light enough to be borne on a breeze so subtle it cools your skin without letting you know it’s there. Kucharz proves himself again to easily be one of the top contenders of new age electronica, crafting minimal yet moving pieces of music.

Ambient Green Washes is a soundtrack for a breezy spring morning with tracks like 1997 No. 01 rooting itself and growing slowly, enveloping but never harming, like a well-lead sprig of ivy climbing deftly up the latticework of your imagination. Green Wash No. 4 adds a faster movement with more changes to melodies than most tracks, the drizzle of rain becoming a more solid fall washing the world of dirt and decay and lancing your mind with a pleasant cleaning rhythm.

1997 No. 04 gets quieter, twilight approaching and the cricket’s noises have been evolved into dream-like tinglings of sound. Random at their arrival but somehow all part of a grander puzzle scheme. For the entire one hour plus of Ambient Green Washes your walking on living ground that has evaded the rush of industrialization and ignored the onslaught of civilization – pure, unaltered nature in its raw and most idyllically beautiful.

Again very well done. Larry’s music is minimal but moving and pleasant to the extreme. Smooth and unforgettable at times even with its minimalism. His naming schemes are truly appropriate – Ambient Green Washes is earth-based, lush with life and you can nearly smell the decaying pine needles mutating gently into the soil of a new era under your nose. I knew an undeniable pleasant forest like this once when I was a kid. They cut it down for a Pathmark. I thought I’d never see it again until Ambient Green Washes breezed over.

Contact Information:
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Post: P.O. Box 1068, Rye, NY, 10580, USA
[1] Reviewed in Legends #142.
[2] Reviewed in Legends #149.