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The Mission – “Lighting the Candles”

By Pat Hawkes-Reed

Lighting the CandlesAre you a fan of The Mission? An ex-Eskimo? If you are, you need to have this DVD box set in your collection! The box set consists of 2 DVDs, a live CD and a full colour booklet.

The first DVD features a live concert recorded in Koln Germany in April 2004. It features most of the big hits and a few more recent songs. The gig is well-filmed with multiple cameras, excellent sound and lighting. This was originally recorded for the WDR Rockpalast TV show. The band line-up consists of Wayne Hussey, Rob Holliday on guitar, Richie Vernon on bass and Steve Spring on drums.

Fans will be happy to have a selection of Mission videos, especially the US fans who may have only seen these on MTV's 120 Minutes back in the late 1980's and early 1990's. This video section completes the first DVD.

The second DVD is my favourite, really. I've always loved seeing the backstage antics, rehearsals, TV appearances (performances and interviews), personal photographs, and recollections of the formative years/history of bands, and this DVD has all of that! Wayne Hussey talks about The Mission: how they formed, the various tours, member changes and all the high and low points of the band. This section has photographs from Wayne's teenage years up to the 2004 line-up of The Mission.

The second section has a complete discography – all the singles, albums and videos shown visually with the dates they were released and the label they were released on. It features Wayne performing acoustic versions of some of the songs. The third segment is titled A Day in the Life which has the band sound checking and hanging backstage at a gig in Germany. It gives one a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes. It's followed by a segment of interviews. I especially liked the one done by Kim Leonard, since he was one of the "Eskimos" who followed the Mission around on (mainly) European tours in the formative years.

The following section has various video bootlegs that Wayne has collected over the years. You can watch them with or without Wayne's commentary. The final section has a handful of live performances filmed during Wayne's solo acoustic tour. I was quite thrilled to see the Stay With Me segment, since I was at that gig at London's Borderline club! The final clip has Wayne covering a Frank Sinatra song...he has joked that he is "the Dean Martin of goth."

The third disc is an audio CD with live performances recorded during the Breathen Tour of April 2004. I was lucky to be at the Whitby show, so this was a bonus treat for me! All are recording off of the mixing desk, so are of high quality.

So, this one box set can give a Mission fan many hours of enjoyment both visually and aurally. It can give those not lucky enough to get to a gig (or live near where they are touring) a chance to experience the past and present of The Mission and Wayne Hussey.

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