CD Review

Roy-Arne Knutsen – “Old Boathouse”

By Marcus Pan

Old Boat HouseDreamy, rhythmic in a very natural way and submerged, Roy-Arne Knutsen’s three track EP Old Boathouse is cold ambient with a touch of class. It’s very smooth with undertones of drowning, but occasionally brighter washes placed on top to give it a more humanistic feel and environment. Host has a flashing overtone subdued by its watery waves and movements. A background rhythm of thunder is subtle but present.

Korstog takes us right into the water whereas Host stayed on the edge of the shore. An obsidian rowboat takes us into the cold dark lake as the sun rises on a cold winter day. The rhythm of the boat itself as it knocks against the waves and the deep thump of the oars as they make their way forward and back against the ship’s edge.

Isodet, though recorded six years previous to the previous two tracks, begins as we complete our rowing adventure and lie in the middle of the lake. The sun has set, the moon has risen and the dark nightmarish sounds of the night have begun to rise around the isolation of the boat.

Old Boathouse is a fine release. Cold and chilling while at the same time subtle and secretive. A subterfuge of a watery grave. Knutsen’s control of the movement is minimal but apparent, keeping a light touch but a close watch on the movement of the soundscapes and slow breathing.

Contact Information:
Roy-Arne Knutsen
Post: Utsikten 158, 9018 Tromso, Norway