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The Synthetic Dream Foundation - “Tendrils of Pretty”

By Marcus Pan

Tendrils of PrettyA bit of nicely arranged electronica takes the stage with the wonderfully named The Synthetic Dream Foundation. Their Tendrils of Pretty CD, also a brilliant name, is a nice ride through a pleasant landscape. There’s a smattering of guest vocalists here as well, including the wonderful Summer Bowman of The Machine in the Garden fame[1].

Right out the gate we’re moving fast and furious with Auf Dem See featuring the voice of Summer. Cushioned rhythms support a fast electronic melody with multiple octaves and scenarios playing all at once. I’m really digging the rhythm of Amongst the Trolls. It’s very fast pasted, just like the previous track, and includes the nice-but-strange background synth washes that we got used to during Auf Dem See. Inside the track are strange vocal sensations, but nothing solid you can figure out – it’s a background, eerie sort of thing.

Assiki: Divine Messenger grows subtly, hiding and sneaking growth spurts of increasing sound and volume as it moves along. It gets so close to exploding on you that you’re waiting for the ultimate burst of energy, but it never quite gets there…just growing and growing until it’s about to burst and then slides into the slower Regeneration of the Damned. This one takes you deep into uncharted dark territory with its mixed up rhythms that rail against what is trying to be a smooth background wash. What moves me the most is how the rhythm grows out of nothing and will also fade away like its being pulled back into the ground as the smoother wash prevails over the chaotic underground movement.

Trapeze is a haunting piano dirge with dark female vocals courtesy of Hannah Fury. The piano fades away into a strange and dark landscape out of which blossoms an electric groove. I love what they do to Tamara Kent’s voice on Puzzlebox, just a slight tad of vox to give it a bit of electricity.

Very enjoyable overall – fluffy and light but with a hidden element of deeper dark inside. The band and CD names, The Synthetic Dream Foundation’s Tendrils of Pretty, is very brilliant and the music encased on the release is just as well bred. It has a blossoming effect where it grows and surprises you without having to really say much because it’s demeanor is surprising in and of itself without words being necessary. When they do come, which is rare but there, they’re well done with such voices as the wonderful Summer Bowman, Hannah Fury and Tamara Kent. As I spun this, twice in a row, I dropped a few shots of Goldschlager and I have to tell you it did nothing but heighten the experience. Trance and electronica at it’s highest.

Contact Information:
Synthetic Dream Foundation
Post: 7540 Sunshine Skyway In #221, St. Pete, FL, 33711, USA
[1] Interviewed in Legends #88.

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