By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanI’ll keep this little diddy a bit short considering it’s the second of the month and this should have been out a couple days previous. A little longer than last issue this time, but not by much. I was toying with the idea of blasting out to 40+ pages with all the music reviews I’ve written, but the month of March only brought in a dozen CDs for review and I was nervous that once I blasted it out I’d have nothing to say in May.

However, next month I have a few interviews on the bill: assuming some of them go through. I’m expecting Neil Gaiman, Headscan, Indie911 in that issue and either in May or June we’ll be debuting our latest fiction piece with full illustration from JHorsley3, Wires by T.J. Hardman, Jr. I’m just waiting for the last of the artwork on that.

Additionally I’ll probably run a few of my essays, though I haven’t decided which ones yet. I don’t have any book reviews finished to tell you what will run there though...but I expect to have finished reading and writing about The Serpent Grail. Also, more cheezy DVD reviews coming, and of course our music reviews.

Peace, love and all the trimings...

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine
April 2, 2006