CD Review

V/A – “Dark Sonus”

By Marcus Pan

Dark SonusGlotch Mode Recordings pushes out Dark Sonus, a compilation of deep-rumble electronic industrial. With some quality names on the bill here: PTI, SMP, Y-Luk-O, Mindless Faith – my interest is peaked. Other bands I haven’t heard of are found as well, of course, which is the point of a compilation to many of us anyway. That’s fine, in other words…strangely enough the opening v01d is powerful, a brilliant opener, and already one of the bands I hadn’t known is giving me something worth listening to instead of me just expecting to slog through shit until I get to the guys I already do know.

v01d’s Revolutions is fast paced, deep down and guttural. Very dark brooding bass and swift moving percussion push the track along as v01d near-chant smooth vocals into the mix. It’s some of the best techno-industrial I’ve found and will slide in guitars to get its point across just when you thought it was going to be pure dark-water electronics. Seventh Image I only heard of recently by their inclusion on another compilation, Primal River Valley. They take over after v01d’s Revolutions burns past and bring us an edit of their City of Light. This one gets Croc-Shop stompy, with a softer pace but still very strong. I find myself wondering if Dark Sonus will continue with the power and pace they’ve opened with.

There is absolutely no need to discuss PTI’s Identify on track three[1]. Suffice to say that PTI is a trend setter in the genre of spit-spoke stomping industrial and Identify is one of their best from the Blackout release. Gencab’s DMT keep the speediness going and Ceoxime’s Seems to Be slows it up just a tad to take us far into the future with grumbling rhythms, a trippy atmosphere and their brand of sultry girly vocals. After a bit of swirlyness, The God Project brings us back to our electro-industrial beginnings with a bit of a new-wave higher octave flair, keeping the rhythm slow but with more stroppiness.

Suspension of Disbelief by Cyanotic increases the pace and gets much darker and heavier, adding in more of the Ministry-like thrash to the Dark Sonus mix. Unease’s Beyond the Trivial mixes up a goth-rock with industrial sounding background and does a decent job of it. SMP’s Slag[2] is one I don’t recognize, but it certainly ups the pace again and uses their spit-style rap they’re known for. I also quite like Diverje’s Your Pleasure – it’s got an interesting shuffle-step groove going for it. It was also nice to hear Mindless Faith again with the Mindless Faith[3] vs Deliccato track, So Much for Salvation. I’m a bit turned off by this one though – much too disjointed for my tastes.

Out of a bunch of compilations to hit my desk this past week or so, Dark Sonus is certainly the one on top. The speed, rhythm and such remains strong throughout with occasionally well done trippyness by the likes of Ceoxime and Y-Luk-O. There’s gems galore on this one, with surprises like unknown bands (to me at least) v01d, Cyanotic, Unease and others. It’s worth looking into and there’s fodder here that will lead you to the music catalogs of a good number of worthwhile outfits.

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Post: 5480 S. Everett, Chicago, IL, 60615, USA
[1] Identify is found on PTI’s Blackout album, reviewed in Legends #148.
[2] Terminal was reviewed in Legends #104 and we interviewed SMP in this issue as well.
[3] MF’s Manifest Destiny was reviewed in Legends #107.