CD Review

Deadhole – “Curse of the Ghoul”

By Marcus Pan

Curse of the GhoulWow, this is pretty shitty music. Recorded in someone’s basement, calling themselves “necro scum black/death grind from Augusta, Maine.” I weep for Augusta, Maine. They recorded this using the same type of mini tape recorder I would use to record a meeting or an interview. Which, as you can guess, is not made for this sort of thing.

Not only that, they recorded it the first or second take. They’re off…about as tight as a 70 year old prostitute in a naval yard, really. But then again, songs like Burn the Churches that is nothing more than beating on things and growling really doesn’t require much in the way of tightness. Let’s look at the players…Trash yells things, Beast strums his guitar in a masturbatory teenage fury, Creepshow plays maybe two of the four bass strings he has and Cabeer[1] hits stuff. Every now and then Cabeer will pull a couple of rhythm changes out of his ass making him about the most qualified here.

Look at the names, look at the content, look at the horrid make-up of “music” and growling excuse for “black metal” and what we have here, children, is a bunch of fourteen year olds trying to have sex with the freaky chicks. They stole a picture of Baphomet, probably from some Thelema website somewhere, and put it in their CD jacket to be as totally bad-ass devil-worshipping freaky dude as possible. That’s about it. The best song here, Death Black and Formless[2], has what might pass as, say, Impaled Nazarene’s[3] first ever written original song when they were still kids.

We close out this horrid demo with As Below So Above, again about as good as it gets, but will completely lose itself when Beast plays noodly bits and everyone forgets what was going on. The complete and total rhythm loss is amusing at best.

So that’s it…listening to Deadhole is about as fun as shitting razors. I can’t recommend this.

Contact Information:
Acid Victim Records
Post: 782 S. Grand Hwy., Clermont, FL, 34711, USA
[1] I might have spelled this wrong, as the photocopying method employed by this band is…well…let’s just say “underpar” since I’m crapping on their music so hard already.
[2] Again, possibly misspelled – I can’t read this shit.
[3] We reviewed Impaled Nazarene’s live release, Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces, in Legends #151.