DVD Review

“Dog Eat Dog”

By Marcus Pan

Dog Eat DogCult cinema always has its cheese, and Dog Eat Dog is no exception. The fight scenes are hilarious, with the quick speed-throws to show the fall through the window just a little faster…the obvious misses that result in our thespian’s being flipped over pianos and blondes pulling at each other’s hair like rag dolls on parade. It’s all quite cheesy. Let’s not forget the overacting and brilliant melodrama!

The gist of the tale is the evils of money and how its abundance can mar the lives and souls of even the cutest big breasted blonde and her cohort. 50s/60s sex symbol Jayne Mansfield stars here as a goofy slut, pointing her Madonnaesque teats at whoever might get their hands on the illusive million dollar heist money next. Hiding on a Mediterranean island after the heist of US currency that was supposed to have gone back to the states for destruction, the original trio of heisters – consisting of your pretty boy mastermind, dumb-brained heavyset enforcer and the lucky goil, Mansfield –finds themselves followed by a hotel manager and his innocent sister who catch wind that these three are the thieves walking around with a million dollar stash.

Once on the island it’s found that the homeowners have returned so now we add the melodramatic old lady and her goofy eccentric housemate. All seven try to find ways to wheel and deal for a share of the money when bodies start turning up – bombs, knives, goofy overacted death scenes and paranoid schizophrenia later, we find all seven dead by one means or another further telling us that money, when it’s your focal point, will become the proverbial death of you.

As far as cult classic cheese goes, Dog Eat Dog is dead on. It’s got your slutty sex symbol girl, tough and rugged sex symbol guy, innocent virginal girl for the shy fans and a goofy eccentric flat mate with a conniving mind and more. And it’s got a pile of money. And a pretty Mediterranean island to hang out on. And a whole lot of unintentionally funny fights, arguments and pointy boobs! You can’t go wrong.

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