CD Review

Feu Follet – “Toi et le Son”

By Marcus Pan

Feu FolletEnzeleinheit have become known worldwide for their ambient drones. Founding label master’s debut, Feu Follet’s Toi et le Son is a slow brooding movement of dual tracks, both over eighteen minutes in length, that move effortlessly and subtly. The opening Toi et le Son is a very comforting sound, though I fear it may not be as musically effected as most – it’s a wash of slowly moving drones that engulf and hold you warmly, but with as little musical touches as possible so it becomes a bit humdrum after a while. Still, it’s pleasant and smooth even as it’s slow moving and quiet.

Larme d’Heike takes a stronger slant and a much louder one as well, almost machine like in its make-up and blisteringly coldwave. It billows down into a softer hum, but retains the cold and bitter atmosphere about it. Again the changes in tone and rhythm are so subtle their nearly indetectable.

Most people would dismiss Toi et le Son as another coldwave piece of ambient drones. There are workings here, fashioned by human hands, but its so subtle it becomes indiscernible. The mark of a true ambient artist is to create a sound that can imbue a feeling, but do it without your being able to detect their presence or, indeed, the presence of any humanistic qualities. This, as a basis of coldwave, means that Feu Follet succeeds admirably. But if you’re not already a fan of the coldwave genre of washes and slow droning movements, you won’t find much here to like.

Contact Information:
Post: Sauerlander Weg 3, 48145 Munster, Germany Phone: +49 (0179) 9476779