CD Review

Ginger Leigh – “Sparrow Wings”

By Marcus Pan

Sparrow WingsGinger’s strangeness continues on in the latest release of Sparrow Wings. Six tracks this time, the first being a strange collection of vacuum humns, rhythm and high pitched guitar. It’s kind of nice in a weird sort of way. Ginger Leigh still has a knack for finding things that you might like and presenting them to you with as little fuss as possible and Sparrow Wings follows in this trend. I had no idea vacuum tubes can be made to whine. I don’t even think it’s vacuum tubes…it’s just what I see. And he sounds pissed today because now he’s screaming at me. Maybe because I got the vacuum tube thing wrong. The track is called This is Ginger Leigh.

Here Come the Trumpets sounds both namewise and aurally as a threat. I can see the trumpets destroying the world now. A really annoying track. Immigrant Song has an interesting (guitar?) strumming vibe, but gets much too repetitive for my taste. The closing 300 White Rabbits is just blaring noise, really, without anywhere to go so I’ll have to give this one a thumbs down.

My favorite by far is A Song for Two Marionettes, utilizing the ambience of a marching band to create a unique flavor. It’s muddled a bit, so sounds a bit surreal, giving a zombie marching band impression. This is an evil marching band. They’re coming to take me away, toot toot.

Well…Ginger Leigh always brings out the weird in me. As usual we have your usual assortment of “What the hell was that?”s and “Well there’s something you don’t’ hear every day”s and “Somebody turn this racket off!”s and such. It’s a mixed bag, as always with Ginger, but if Harry Potter can reach into a bag of jelly beans and risk getting a vomit flavored one, then we should be able to put on a Ginger Leigh CD and risk getting a zombie marching band on silver high speed vacuum cleaners sans mufflers throwing trumpets at us sounding one. Or something.

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